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We are a national leader in media buying, planning, negotiating and research. Let our 30+ years of pioneering experience be your professional guide in purchasing all forms of broadcast media.
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Broadcast Time Inc, is a full service national media buying company located in Long Island, New York. Specializing in local and national media buying campaigns. We help advertisers and Ad Agencies research, plan and buy spot , network radio, television and cable with the power of experience, knowledge, and negotiation.

Television reaches virtually all (98%) US households. Broadcast Time Inc, helps you target your television advertising to generate the most return.

Broadcast Time, Inc positions your radio commercials on the best ranked stations in the country. Our 30 plus years of experience and buying power means that you can get your message across on anational level.

No more expensive guessing and frustrating shots in the dark. We know how to focus on key areas and generate the response you need, maximizing the value of your advertising dollar.

You could spend hundreds of hours and a hundred thousand dollars trying to determine the optimal mix of television,radio and internet for your product. Why reinvent the wheel? Let Broadcast Time, Inc be your very own Media Buying Division.

Still not sure? Call us now at 516-431-2215 and we will do a paper buy absolutely free.

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