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Broadcast Time, Inc is completely flexible in terms of the point we undertake an assignment. We have the ability to begin with planning and the full and complete development of the media plan. Or, we can take on just the buying assignment of a previously planned campaign.

In terms of buying, we adhere completely to the strategy set forth in the plan, or if no such strategy exists, we will work in concert with the agency or client to establish one. Then, in line with our open book policy, a complete paper buy is presented for approval prior to the actual buy. This offers the client the opportunity to review our buying strategy and offer any subjective or objective comments, suggestions, etc. In terms of cost, the paper buy will represent the maximum dollar outlay since final, hard line negotiation is withheld until actual buying is undertaken. It is this area where the difference between our technique and normal buying is most apparent. Under normal circumstances, should a paper buy be within budget, it will simply be executed without further effort. However, we believe our negotiation begins at this point since having the ultimate authority to order is truly the strongest weapon at our disposal. And, once accomplishing this we openly report back on underbudget situations,offering the opportunity to either save the unspent funds or increase or upgrade schedules. The only exceptions to this are if the ok to buy is delayed substantially, or if the media buy is a last minute buy.

Once buying is complete, full and complete schedules and estimates are supplied which includes cost, ratings and demographics as required. We will then traffic commercials if needed.

Billing is conducted on a monthly basis and includes station affidavits and costs for each station. With our open book policy we do not white out station costs so you will see all station invoices are fully and completely reconciled by us prior to the billing. The client pays only on spots run as ordered.

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