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Broadcast Time, Inc is a pioneering national media buying service with more than 30 years experience in the local and national media buying business. The company was created in 1981 and has enjoyed a robust and constant growth. Some of the reasons for this growth are:






The company is designed to bridge the gap by providing a Media Service staffed by ex-agency, media and production executives who understand an agency’s or clients needs in media, coupled with the knowledge that negotiation of rates can achieve signifigant savings in local and national broadcast. This together with our own proprietary computer software & network system (created by our Executive Vice President, Peter Kuperschmid),makes us a formidable ally. We are proud to state that our preemption rate is less than 1%. Our philosophy in media buying is not to go for the "jugular" but to get the best non-preemptive rate available. What’s the good of showing an agency or client a low rate, and then have the spot "bumped". If a client does’nt broadcast it’s message, the product does’nt sell. With Broadcast Time, Inc. be assured, your product will be seen, listened to, and sell. An additional element in this formation is the dedication to honesty and integrity which, has been lacking in many media services. This meant telling the client when something could not be done, never promising what could not be delivered, and allowing the client full access to all information including compensation. In this way it is the working philosophy of the company to act as a full- fledged partner of the agency or client in the media area-all striving for long term success rather than the short range "quick kill" attitude of other services.

As an advertiser using our media service, you can have utmost confidence that your dollars will be used to get the most efficient and effective media buys to sell your product best. If you are an agency, you will provide the best possible media talent without heavy overhead expense. When you think about using a media buying service, be sure it has a demonstrated record of excellent performance, histiory of satisfied clients, and one that has proven it’s acceptance by both clients and stations. At Broadcast Time, Inc. we enjoy that kind of reputation.

We would be happy to submit client and station recommendations on request.


Bruce Kuperschmid-Bruce Kuperschmid graduauted from the University of Miami with a BA in Dramatics. After graduation he appeared on television and Broadway Musicals. Mr. Kuperschmid began a career in business as a salesman for a pioneering mass merchandising firm that sold continuity promotions to supermarkets, (encyclopedia, dinnerware, stc.) Several years later Mr. Kuperschmid was President of his own company and one of the largest importers of Japanese Chinaware to the United States. In the early 1970’s, Mr. Kuperschmid’s friend, Steven J. Ross then Chairman of Warner Communications, told him of a new and exciting business just beginning to take off: independent media buying. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Kuperschmid joined a media buying service (Air Time) as a Vice President in sales. In 1981, he founded his own national independent media buying service, Broadcast Time, Inc. and is currently its President. He enjoys an excellent reputation with both clients and stations.
His experience includes over three decades of working for such clients as Warner Brothers Movies, Warner Books, Little Brown, Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, Scribner, Hygrade Ball Park Franks, Parmalat Food Company, Rossignol Skis, N. Y. Tri-State Pontiac Dealers Association, Viking Press, St. Martins Press Getsmart.Com, South African Airways, Canary Island Tours, Egyptian Tourist Authority, Divisions of AOL Time Warner, Viacom and many others.
Recognized by the industry as an outstanding Media Professional by Television/Radio Age magazine, Mr. Kuperschmid is also a past winner of the Dale Carnagie Tri-State Prepared Speaking Championship.


Peter Kuperschmid-Peter Kuperschmid attended Five Towns College where he studied the music business and liberal arts. In the early 80’s Mr. Kuperschmid started his own computer manufacturing company, and was one of the first people to import PC clones in the United States.
He went to work with American Medical Alert, developing propietary software and hardware solutions for emergency medical response systems. Peter has been an authorized Apple Computer developer since 1985, and has a vast understanding and knowledge of many computer operating systems and languages including: MS DOS, Linux, MAC OS, OSX Server, MS Compiled Basic, Visual basic. Pascal CGI, HTML, Perl, Filemaker Pro, Astiva OS, php, sql and others. He also wrote and developed a graphic user interface online communications system.
In the 90’s Mr. Kuperschmid designed and built several recording and production studios. Over the years his experience and credits include commercial work and productions for: Sony, Columbia, AOL Time Warner, Profile Records, Def Jam, Arista Records, MCA,
HBO, News 12, Legend Pharmacies and many more.
Using his computer background and the media buying skills he has learned from his father’s 30 plus years in the business, Peter has written and developed a unique proprietary method of researching, planning and buying. As Executive Vice President he is involved in all facets of Broadcast Time operations.

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